Upper Body Workout With Cardio / Skills Options


Do you want an all-encompassing upper body workout? This one focuses on a solid warmup / workout section that builds your muscle stamina with 1 minute sets after a 1-5 burpee / run pyramid. Do one burpee – run 25m – do 2 burpees – run 25m – do 3 burpees up to 5 and stop. Drop and do 1 minute of sit-ups and pushups and max pullups. Repeat above 2 more times.

Warmup Repeat 3 times Burpee /(Run 25m) Pyramid 1-5: 1 min sit-ups, 1 min pushups, max Pullups. Workout Section One: – This is a PULLING challenge section focused on more pulling exercises than push working in the vertical and horizontal plane with the PULL. Repeat 5 times Pullups max Pulldowns 10 Bodyweight Bench press 5 (or TRX pushups max) Db Rows 5-10           (or TRX rows 10) Workout Section Two: This is a PUSHING challenge section focused on more pushing exercises using overhead weighted and isometric holds as well as the opposite direction with an easy pulling exercise and core mixed in for good measure. Repeat 3 times Push press 10 Overhead plate hold 1 min Bicep curls 10          (or TRX bicep curls 10) Dips max Plank pose 1 min Lightweight Shoulder WorkoutThis lightweight shoulder routine is a great way to build strength in the smaller muscles of the shoulder. Go slowly and perform each repetition with light weight – no more than 5 pound dumbbells – REALLY! Cardio / Skills / PT Combo – Goal Pace running and swimming are important to practice and build that pacing muscle memory so you know exactly how it feels to run a 6 minute mile pace or a 1:30 100m swim. Focus on YOUR goal pace you want to perform at your next PT test. Swim or Run PT Combo (do either or both) 500m warmup Repeat 5 times 200m CSS @goal pace for 500m rest with 1-2 min of a drownproofing event (tread, bob, float, flip) Run PT 400m warmup Repeat 5 times 400m @goal pace mile pace rest with 1 min abs of choice and 1 min pushups* *Usually these 1 min sets of pushups turn into plank pose as people are typically burned out from pushups by now. Enjoy!

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