Quarter Mile and 100 Repetition Challenge

Air Pollution and Running

Challenging workouts are nothing new at Military.com Fitness. Recently, our group has tested out and created another one for the masses to try. This one looks simple on paper but accumulates into a good amount of total repetitions and fast ¼ mile runs.To make this harder, find a hill or max out the incline on the treadmill for your ¼ mile runs.  You can also try to see if you can run each ¼ mile at your goal mile pace for fitness tests, or make them intervals of 100m sprint, 100m jog, 100m sprint, 100m jog. It is your choice each time you try this one: Do ¼ mile every time you get 100 repetitions completed of the following exercises: 100 pushups 100 pullups 100 dips 100 squats 100 situps / crunches 100 push press (50 lbs) 100 KB swings (choice of weight) 100 lunges (50/leg) (50lb) 100 flutterkicks (4 counts) 100 DB rows or TRX rows (if DB rows do 50 / arm) As you can see you have ten exercises and ten quarter mile runs to do with this workout. You can accomplish this workout however you need to. 1: Do 100 reps of one exercises / run quarter mile x 10 2: Do 25 reps of FOUR exercises in a circuit / run quarter mile x 10 – so every time you accumulate 100 reps you run a 1/4 mile. 3: If you can figure out another way to get 100 x 10 exercises and 10 quarter miles – get creative and do it. If you also want to work your brain on this one, do not write anything down. You have to count and remember what numbers you have done each round for each exercise. This is a way to add thinking games into your workouts. Believe it or not, this workout is not that tough on any one individual exercise with the exception of 100 pullups, but it does have a way of pushing you to a new level of work you can endure.  

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