Air Force Tactical Fitness Test

Airmen give their best during the inaugural exercise session Jan. 15 at the new Tactical Fitness Center at Andrews Air Force Base, Md. (U.S. Air Force photo/Bobby Jones)

The Air Force created a Tactical Fitness Test that focuses on functional fitness. Air Force Battlefield Airmen will perform this test during selection and once on active duty be assigned to Air Force Special Operations units. In addition to the Physical Ability and Stamina Test (PAST), which varies from group to group in events and intensity (500-1500m swim, Underwater swims, 1.5 - 3 mile run, pushups, situps, pullups), these Airmen will also be required to pass the following ten skills (each graded on a 10 point scale):

Rules: To pass, each participant must score at least 2 points on each event, and must have an overall score of at least 52 to pass. You are allowed 5 minutes in between each event.

1 – Grip Strength – Using a Baseline Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer, squeeze the device to measure grip strength measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). 2 – Medicine Ball Toss – Measured in feet, toss the ball over the head as far as you can. Then toss the ball while twisting from the side as far as you can. Combine the distance of both throws for points total. 3 – Three Cone Drill – From the prone position, get up and run to the first cone (5yds) directly in front of you and back to the start, then pivot and run around the first cone to a second cone that is 90 degrees and 5 yards to the right (L shaped formation).  Run around the second cone and back to the starting position the same way you just ran. 4 – Trap Bar Dead Lift – Lift a weight from the floor to your waist in the range of 1 to 5 repetitions.  You get points for a maximum weight 1 repetition and similar points for a lower weight but done for 5 repetitions. 5 – Pullup – Bodyweight pullups for maximum repetitions. For maximum points, you need 30 reps. Minimum is 9 reps. 6 – Lunges (keep pace with metronome) – Alternating lunges to the beat of 56 / minute pace while shouldering a 50lbs sandbag until you fail to keep pace. 7 – Cross Knee Crunches  (keep pace with metronome) – Lay flat on your back on the floor. Lift your torso as if you were doing a situp but, cross the left elbow to meet your right knee.  Repeat with right elbow to left knee each time you go down and up.  Maintain pace of 56 beats per minute until you fail to keep pace. 8 – Farmer Carry – 100 yard farmer carry with two 50 lbs. sandbags with handles.  This is a sprint – not a walk. 9 – 1000m Rowing – On the Rowing Machine Ergometer, row 1000m as fast as you can. Failing is over 4 minutes. 10 – 1.5 mile run – Run 1.5 mile timed run as fast as you can. Failing is 11:48, but maxing the test is 7:40.

Here is a video of the test being observed.  Note – you may want to mute the volume as the heavy metal music does not match the effort of the video.

The TACP / JTAC Test is tough and is more in line with the way the other branches of the service are helping to prepare their fighters for the elements of fitness that will be likely seen during the activity of their job.


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