Weekly Workout: PT Challenge

PT Pyramid

Here is a workout that will start off as an easy warmup, but then pushes your max effort relatively quickly with many of the testing elements of military fitness tests. This is a great group training workout if you have a large field and access to pullup bars and dips bars:

Pushup Pyramid on a Field (or large area) for 30 minutes total time. Run back and forth roughly half of a football field:

1 pushup - Run 50m 2 pushups – Run 50m 3 pushups – Run 50m 4 pushups – Run 50m 5 pushups – Run 50m

Keep going up as high as you can given the 30 minute time limit.  Strive for 20 sets or more.

Every 5th set, stop and do 2 minute situps, max pullups, and dips if available. *You can use a basketball court sized area as well if that is your option available.

Once you reach 20 sets or 30 minutes, stop and move to the next event.

Run 30 minutes. Stop every 5 minutes and do max pullups. How far do you get? 3-4 miles?

Total time so far should be close to one hour. If you have time for a third 30 minute set, chose a non-impact cardio option and do the following interval:

Swim, Bike, or Row 5 minutes (30 seconds fast / 30 seconds easy for 5 minutes) Rest with abs of choice or plank pose 1-2 minutes

If you choose swimming option, close with 5 minute tread using arms only and 5 minutes using legs only. Finish pool time with 5 minutes of dynamic stretches in chest deep water.

If you do not have a pool option, stop with 5-10 minutes of stretching and foam rolling to loosen up the upper and lower body.

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