Increase Your Pushups and Pullups - Quickly!


This is a supplemental workout program. That means you do your normal workouts during the week - any pullups, pushups in your normal workout count toward your daily totals. Top it off to get your max 4-5x totals each day for 10 days. Rest 3-4 days and test in that exercise. REST means not pushing or pulling exercises for that time BUT you can swim, run, ruck, lift legs, etc...

PS - this program works best if you are under 15 pullups but can help push you into the low 20s if stuck in low to mid teens. Do not attempt if already over 20 pullups or 85 pushups.

This plan is a routine that I have personally tested since 1995 helping military members to increase their pushups / pullups by 50-100% in as little as 14 day plan.

It works this way: take your max of pushups x 4 - do it 10 days straight - rest 3 days and test on day 14. For pullups:  take your pullups max x 5 - do it for 10 days straight - rest for 3 days and test on 14 days.

There is now an APP for you as well - see

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