Drunken Special Operators Struggle to Finish a Mission in New Action Comedy 'Obliterated'

"Obliterated," from the makers of "Cobra Kai" streams on Netflix Nov. 30, 2023. (Netflix)

A lot of people who served in the military have had to go into work after having a little too much fun the night before. It's not the most fun we've ever had but somehow we manage, even if the workday begins with physical training. A hangover run is just an unspoken aspect of the warrior ethos -- but most of us aren't in special operations.

Netflix's new streaming series "Obliterated" looks at what might happen if an elite team of special operators had to perform at their absolute best while suffering from the effects of a long night. This new action comedy is where "24" meets "The Hangover." It's even set in Las Vegas.

Ava Winters (Shelley Hennig, "Teen Wolf: The Movie") is a CIA officer who does everything by the book. Chad McKnight (Nick Zano, "DC's Legends of Tomorrow") is a U.S. Navy SEAL who leads a combined force team of special operators in a mission to disarm a nuclear weapon in Las Vegas and end a global threat. Like most people who finish a job well done, they go out to celebrate.

Their celebration takes a turn when the team gets a call informing them the nuke they just took out was a decoy and the real nuclear device is still out there. Still feeling the celebration, they now have to get up and neutralize the real nuclear weapon in a matter of hours, if they can even find it.

Rounding out the elite but impaired team is Trunk, a Navy SEAL (Terrence Terrell), Marine sniper Angela Gomez (Paola Lázaro, "The Walking Dead"), NSA technical adviser Maya Lerner (Kimi Rutledge), Air Force pilot Paul Yung (Eugene Kim) and Army EOD technician Hagerty (C. Thomas Howell, "Red Dawn"). Accidentally joining them on the mission is Lana, a Las Vegas party girl (Alyson Gorske, "Shrinking").

"Obliterated" was created by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald, the same creative minds who brought us "Cobra Kai." Hurwitz and Schlossberg also created the "Harold and Kumar” films while Heald is known for "Hot Tub Time Machine." The trio also directed and produced the new series.

All eight episodes of "Obliterated" will be available for streaming on Netflix starting Nov. 30, 2023.

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