Wargame Spotlight: 'Tomorrow's War'


As a science fiction evolution of Ambush Alley Game's "Force on Force," "Tomorrow's War" brings a fresh take on sci-fi tabletop warfare. While some sci-fi wargames are filled with strange aliens and technology, "Tomorrow's War" focuses on the gritty perspective of a soldier on the ground. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and the fate of the galaxy might not be at stake, but good old fashion ground pounding will let you  live for one more day.

The game:

"Tomorrow's War" is less about symmetrical engagements for  tournament-style play and more about creating interesting and engaging scenarios.  There are no point values, nor are there any force organization restrictions; if your dream match is pitting a squad of poorly armed farmers against a swarm of power-armored special operations forces, you are welcome to play it.

The game focuses on common-sense realism rather than exotic technology or super-heroic space warriors. The range of a gun isn't determined by the weapon itself but by the individual using it, and the same works for morale –  experienced soldiers will generally trump inexperienced soldiers regardless of  the type or quality of their weapons and armor. In keeping with the unpredictable nature of battle, "Tomorrow's War" also features an array of fog of war cards which trigger various effects.

To keep the game properly rooted in science fiction, there are various  technologies and abilities available to use. Power armor and mechs add a heavy firepower and armor, and options like drones, artillery strikes and advanced sensor suites round out the experience. Weapons come in different types (such as solid projectile and plasma) and are ordered into general bands of quality rather than using detailed statistics.

The story:

If you prefer complete story-telling freedom for your tabletop wargames, "Tomorrow's War" will fit you perfectly. The rules are designed to suit most types of sci-fi and near-future armies, so you're free and able to use them to describe soldiers in your favorite movies or books, or to define troops of your own design.

If you'd like a narrative foundation before crafting scenarios, "Tomorrow's  War" does provide a collection of stories and background information to get you started. The short version is that the nations of Earth have expanded into other star systems, and the galaxy is rife with the clash of nations, corporate warfare, and general strife.

Where to find it:

Considering that "Tomorrow's War" is currently only a set of rules and doesn't include its own miniatures, it's likely that a brick and mortar store  will carry a copy. However, as with many tabletop games, if you can't buy a hard copy in person your best bet is to go through Ambush Alley Games' online store. If you enjoy Pig Iron Productions miniatures, you can purchase "Tomorrow's  War" through them and receive a free set of sci-fi miniature heads.


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