National Guard History Quiz

Oregon National Guard members salute.
Oregon National Guard Lt. Col. Wesley Richer and deploying members of the 116th Air Control Squadron offer a hand salute (National Guard/John Hughel)

To celebrate the National Guard's birthday, has put together this history quiz. Test your knowledge of the National Guard and see where you rank!

National Guard History Quiz

Volunteer citizen soldiers have helped keep the U.S. strong from its earliest years to our modern times. The National Guard has a long and proud history, and has been integral to our nation's defense. But how much do you really know about them? Test your knowledge in this National Guard History quiz.

The National Guard was born in October 1636, with the formation of the Old North and East Regiments of which militia?

Connecticut Colonial Militia

Massachusetts Colonial Militia

New York Colonial Militia

Pennsylvania Colonial Militia

Virginia Colonial Militia

By Act of Congress, the Guard is the primary backup force of the Army and the Air Force. In peacetime,who commands it?

Department of Defense

Department of Interior

State governors

U.S. Congress

U.S. President

During the Korean War, First Lieutenant Arthur E. Olinger and which other officer shared credit for the Air Guard's first jet kill?

Curtis J. Irwin

George G. Finch

Harry Underwood

John L. France

Winston P. Wilson

Each U.S. state and several U.S. territories have a National Guard unit. Which U.S. territory does not have a National Guard?

American Samoa

District of Columbia


Puerto Rico

Virgin Islands

Which African-American volunteer unit fought in the Civil War for the Union and was featured in the critically acclaimed movie "Glory"?

1st Regiment New York Mounted Rifles

7th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry

12th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment

54th Massachusetts Volunteers

92nd Ohio Infantry

What is the name of the Guard operation President George W. Bush implemented in the days following 9-11 to patrol the skies above Washington DC?

Clear Field

Fast Forward

Noble Eagle

Northern Watch


What is the oldest Air National Guard unit in continuous existence since its organization?

109th Airlift Squadron of the Minnesota Air National Guard

121st Fighter Squadron of the District of Columbia Air National Guard

131st Fighter Squadron of the Massachusetts Air National Guard

146th Air Refueling Squadron of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard

157th Fighter Squadronof the South Carolina Air National Guard

Many U.S. Presidents have served in colonial or state militias, but only two have served in the National Guard as it is currently organized. Which of the following two presidents served in the National Guard?

George H.W. Bush and Harry S. Truman

George W. Bush and Harry S. Truman

George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan

George W. Bush and Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower

What is the title of the senior member of a State's National Guard?

Adjutant General

Brigadier General

Chief of the National Guard

Commander in Chief

Commanding General

How many guardsmen were called to service immediately following the attacks on September 11th?






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