Forms Required for IRRRL on Prior Approval Submission

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Forms Required for IRRRL on Prior Approval Submission
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The following loan documentation, in sequence, must be submitted under the IRRRL prior approval procedure:

1. Comparison Sheet which contains:
- The full name of the veteran and all other parties obligated on the prior loan and to be obligated on the new loan. The VA loan number and month and year of origination of the loan to be refinanced.
- The name and address of the lender proposing to make the loan.

- The approximate proposed loan amount, interest rate, and term for the new loan versus the old loan.
- Discount to be charged, expressed as a percentage of the loan and a dollar amount.
- Statement signed by the veteran acknowledging his or her understanding of the effect of the refinancing loan on
the loan payments and interest rate. The statement must show interest rate and monthly payments for the old loan
versus the new loan.
- The appropriate certification concerning occupancy signed by the veteran or the spouse of an active-duty service
member. One of the following must be signed.
- "I have previously occupied the property securing this loan as my home."
Veteran's signature

"While my spouse was on active duty and unable to occupy the property securing this loan, I occupied the
property securing this loan as my home."
Spouse's signature

2. VA Form 26-8923, Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan Worksheet .

3. VA Form 26-8937, Verification of VA Benefit-Related Indebtedness (if applicable).
4. VA Form 26-8320 (or 26-8320a), Certificate of Eligibility.
5. Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA).
6. Explanation of the reason(s) for the loan delinquency, including appropriate documentation to verify the cause.
7. Documentation to verify that the cause of the delinquency has been corrected.
8. Credit report (in-file credit report is acceptable).
9. Current pay stub and telephone verification of current employment.
10. VA Form 26-6393, Loan Analysis.
11. Documentation of the cost of energy efficiency improvements to be included in the loan, if known. For cash
reimbursement of the veteran, the improvements must be completed within the 90 days immediately preceding the date of the loan.

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