Veterans Guide to Specially Adapted Housing Grants

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Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grants from the VA can help veterans with certain permanent and total service-connected disabilities live more independently and barrier-free in their own homes. Grants of up to $109,986 for 2023 are awarded to eligible disabled veterans to help build or modify homes to best suit their needs.

An SAH grant can be used to:

  • Build a specially adapted home on suitable land to be owned or already owned
  • Remodel an existing home to make it suitable for specially adapted housing
  • Apply the grant toward the unpaid mortgage balance of an adapted home already owned by a veteran who obtained or remodeled the home without VA grant assistance

What Does The SAH Grant Cover?

The SAH grant typically covers modifications of the following:

  • Bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms
  • Covered porches, ramps, and walkways
  • Garages, carports, and passageways
  • Doors, windows, and flooring
  • Security items
  • Concrete or asphalt walkways
  • Sliding doors, handrails, and grab bars
  • Additional elements as per the VA

Who Is Eligible For SAH Grants?

The VA determines eligibility for SAH Grants. If you have a permanent and total service-connected disability you may be eligible. Here are some examples of conditions that qualify:

  • The loss or loss of use of more than one limb
  • The loss or loss of use of a lower leg along with the lasting effects of a natural disease or injury
  • Blindness in both eyes (with 20/200 visual acuity or less)
  • Certain severe burns
  • The loss, or loss of use, of one lower extremity (foot or leg) after Sep. 11, 2001, which makes it so you can’t balance or walk without the help of braces, crutches, canes, or a wheelchair

Is It Possible To Get More Than One Grant?

The VA makes SAH grants for up to 50% of the total cost of the home, and to a maximum of $109,986 per fiscal year, whichever is less. The VA recognizes that home values can change, and grant limits can increase. So the law allows for the SAH grant benefits to be used as many as three times by one eligible veteran.

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