Salute to Veterans Airs on Memorial Day

Salute to Veterans 2020
Col. Greg Gadson, Rocky Bleier and host Terry Bradshaw on the set of the Salute to Veterans Series. (Courtesy photo)

Hosted by Terry Bradshaw, Co-Host of FOX NFL SUNDAY, The Salute to Veterans Series presented by Verizon and Navy Federal Credit Union honors and covers the top issues that 22 million veterans and 3.3 million active duty troops, reservists and military personnel face daily.  

The  educational series offers insightful discussion, resources and solutions from distinguished military veterans who were accomplished college and/or professional football athletes: Rocky Bleier, Joe Cardona, Col. Greg Gadson and Alejandro Villanueva.

The program shares the stories of veterans who have served their country, overcame personal challenges in their lives and made a difference in their communities, while inspiring others to do the same. The veterans detail their path from service to success, and speak openly and honestly about their experiences and what it means to serve.

Some of the veteran topics discussed in the series include the following:  employment/entrepreneurship, education, healthcare, housing, recovering from injuries (seen and unseen), overcoming personal setbacks in life and more.

Visit Salute to Veterans to learn more and to find specific viewing times in your area.

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