A Set of Freestyle (Skip Breathinghypoxic)


    Here is a set of 100 m swimming freestyle but if you notice I am breathing every eight arm pulls. This is a great way to get yourself into better swimming shape by one getting into the pool and swimming but to making that swimming just a little bit harder so when you are breathing regularly as in the combat summer stroke or every three or four strokes of freestyle it will be a little bit easier. For those of you preparing for special ops in your future though the swimming isn’t necessarily tested it is a good form to practice for overall swim conditioning. And half of the CSS is freestyle so learning the “freestyle catch” is very important.

    Here are two workouts I recommend doing this:

    The hypoxic freestyle pyramid.

    Swim 100 m increase your strokes per breath every set. If you are a one side breather pick an even number if you are bilateral breather pick an odd number. So I once I breather my pick the following hundred meter sets of: two strokes per breath, four strokes per breath, six strokes per breath, eight strokes per breath...Keep going up until you can no longer hold the strokes for breath for that hundred meter distance. Once you fail return in reverse order down the pyramid. The goal is to try to get about 1000 m of swimming.

    The other work out I like to do is to do 100 m freestyle followed by 50 m CSS. Repeat that 10 times for a total of 1500 m swim workout.

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