'The Terminal List' Trailer Reveals That Chris Pratt Is on a Mission

The Terminal List Chris Pratt Taylor Kitsch
Chris Pratt (executive producer, “James Reece”) and Taylor Kitsch (“Ben Edwards”) on the set of "The Terminal List." (Amazon)

Prime Video has just released a full-length trailer for its upcoming series, "The Terminal List," based on former Navy SEAL Jack Carr's first thriller novel about former Navy SEAL James Reece.

Somehow, the producers have managed to put together a trailer that hints at the story of the show without giving away dozens of plot points that Amazon has deemed "spoilers." Check it out below.

Here's the outline: Chrs Pratt plays Reece, a SEAL whose entire team is wiped out on an ill-fated mission. Was it just bad luck in combat, or were there darker forces at work? How can he protect his family and discover the truth?

Anyone who's read Carr's novels realizes just how little the above description captures the relentless drive and mayhem that characterizes this story. If the producers manage to translate the book to the screen, "The Terminal List" will be one of the most intense television shows ever made.

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The cast and crew is loaded with real spec ops veterans, and both Pratt and director/producer Antoine Fuqua got involved early on because they were alerted to Carr's work by friends in the operator community. Pratt, you might remember, started making his transition from "Parks and Recreation" sitcom star to action hero when he appeared in "Zero Dark Thirty" in 2012. Fuqua has long employed veterans as advisers on movies like "Olympus Has Fallen."

As opposed to the recent teaser, the new trailer does give more attention to non-military characters. His wife Lauren is played by Riley Keough, the granddaughter of Army veteran Elvis Presley. Journalist Katie Buranek, who plays a crucial role in all of the Reece novels, is portrayed by Constance Wu ("Crazy Rich Asians," "Hustlers"). Jeanne Tripplehorn ("Criminal Minds") is SecDef Lorraine Hartley, and Nick Chinlund ("Con Air," "Tears of the Sun") is the slightly renamed Adm. Gerald Pillar.

Taylor Kitsch ("Lone Survivor") is SEAL Ben Edwards, and military veterans like Jared Shaw, Nate Boyer and Remi Adeleke all play prominent roles in the series.

If you're a fan of the books, the message is to keep the plot to yourself. We'll have more non-spoiler details about "The Terminal List" in the weeks leading to its July 1, 2022, premiere on Prime Video.

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