SEALs Divided: Documentary Hunts for the Truth About Eddie Gallagher

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Former SEAL Eddie Gallagher became a political and cultural third rail before, during and after his war crimes trial in 2019. A new four-part documentary series called "The Line" aims to filter out the noise and focus on the truth.

"The Line" was made by a team led by filmmaker Alex Gibney, an Oscar winner for the 2007 Afghanistan War documentary "Taxi to the Dark Side." Directors Doug Shultz and Jeff Zimbalist secured the participation of Gallagher; his wife, Andrea; and the members of SEAL Team 7 who accused Gallagher of war crimes. All appear on camera.

All four parts of the documentary will premiere on Apple TV+ on Nov. 19, 2021. Apple has released a trailer for the series.

It's not exactly a spoiler to reveal that Gallagher was acquitted on most of the charges against him, convicted only of posing for a photograph next to a teenage prisoner's corpse. President Donald Trump later overruled the Navy and allowed Gallagher to retire as a chief instead of being reduced in rank to an E-6.

"The Line" was made in concert with an Apple Original podcast with the same name. "The Line" podcast ran for six episodes, starting in April 2021, and covers the same ground, using many of the same sources featured in the new documentary.

"The Line" will feature never-before-seen footage shot by and gathered by the SEALs during their tour in Mosul, Iraq. Viewers also will see first-person accounts told by Gallagher and his accusers.

Was Gallagher the victim of jealous SEALs who didn't like his tough command? Or did he get away with murder? Either way, "The Line" will examine a deep divide in the SEAL community and hopefully give a sense of what really happened in Iraq.

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