'World of Warships' Recreates the Battle of Midway

World of Warships (Wargaming)

"Midway," the new movie about the Battle of Midway, has created a perfect opportunity for "World of Warships," the free-to-play massively multiplayer online game, to allow its players to experience the famous 1942 battle inside the game.

As we know from our previous encounters with the developers at Wargaming, historical accuracy is a huge part of the appeal of the company's games, which also include the international phenomenon "World of Tanks" and the sequel "World of Warplanes."

More than 30 historical ships that took part in Midway operations are recreated in "World of Warships." The game has created special battle missions that commemorate the Battle of Midway that will run until Dec. 5. Players who complete certain tasks within the game will be able to try out the ships IJN Kaga and IJN Saipan.

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Wargaming employs historians whose research acquires historical documents and blueprints from military archives and naval museums to aid in accurate recreations of the game's more than 300 historical ships, representing 11 different nations or geographical areas.

"Midway" the movie is certain to make more than a few viewers interested in learning greater detail about the maneuvers and strategy employed in one of World War II's most critical battles.

"World of Warships," made and maintained by a crew that cares as much about history as it does about gaming, would be a great next stop for anyone who's looking for more.

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