What Can a VA Regional Loan Center Do For You?

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VA Regional Loan Centers are there to help veterans understand their home loan benefits, obtain eligibility documents and prevent foreclosure.

Nine VA Regional Loan Centers (RLCs) exist around the country to help veterans with many aspects of their home loan benefits. Here are just some of the services the RLCs support:

  • Loan Production
  • Loan Administration
  • Construction and Valuation
  • Specially Adapted Housing Grants

Loan Production specialists provide help with veteran eligibility, loan underwriting and general home loan benefits information. These employees are trained to assist veterans with tracking down proof of military service documents, obtaining Certificates of Eligibility (COEs) and helping potential borrowers understand how home loan benefits work.

Loan Administration departments can help distressed borrowers with foreclosure prevention. Some methods allow veterans to save their loans and keep their homes; other methods result in a transfer of deed.

Construction and Valuation services, also known as the Appraisal department, can assist with property requirement questions and appraisal problems.

Specially Adapted Housing departments help disabled veterans with applications for grants to modify their homes meet to their specific needs.

The Atlanta RLC is the largest in the nation. It is where eligibility is determined for all veterans who plan to use their VA home loan benefits. Those needing assistance with eligibility should contact this RLC.

Each state has a designated RLC and trained staff to help veterans with VA home loan benefits. To find out which RLC to contact, or to read more about mortgage counseling services, visit the VA website.

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