Cal-Vet Home Loans

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If you are a veteran planning on purchasing a home in California, you my be eligible for a special Cal-Vet home loan.

CalVet Home Loan products have below market interest rates with low or no down payment requirements.  In addition, CalVet Home Loans has expanded eligibility.  Now, nearly any veteran wanting to buy a home in California is eligible.

The advantages of this program include:

  • Low interest rates - CalVet's low competitive fixed rate is available for many eligible veterans.
  • Low costs - CalVet charges a low 1% origination fee.  No other lender fees (no underwriting, processing, or document fees).
  • Manual Underwriting - Each file is reviewed by a live underwriter who approves "make sense" loans for deserving veterans.
  • Exceptional Insurance - CalVet loans generally carry Fire & Hazard insurance and Disaster Indemnity (Flood & Earthquake) coverage that is unparalleled in the industry.  Low deductibles are standard.

For more information on associated fees and coverage, visit the Cal-Vet Home Loan page on the California Department of Veterans Affairs Website, or call 800-952-5626.

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