Military Personnel Qualify for Insurance Discounts


As a servicemember, you're entitled to many financial benefits that can be delivered as either government or private-company benefits. These can include significant discounts on automobile, health, life and homeowners' insurance. This article will explore the extent of these insurance discounts and how best to obtain them.

Automobile Insurance

The most prevalent type of insurance benefits program is automobile insurance. These are offered by many insurance companies to support active and retired military personnel. The key is to understand how much auto insurance you need and carefully compare the best rates among providers.

Private insurers also offer health plans designed for military personnel or at a discount to servicemembers. For example, Humana Military Healthcare Services offers TRICARE plans for the armed forces, as well as unique programs such as the Warrior Navigation Assistance program to help military men and women make sense of complicated health care systems. The company's military specific portal is

You may also find less obvious insurance discounts available to servicemembers, and a growing number of companies offer discount pricing on pet insurance policies for military personnel.

Whatever type of insurance you pursue, and whichever discounts you find, make sure to do your homework and comparison shop in order to make the most of your dollar. By taking your time and carefully evaluating all offers, you should be able to realize substantial savings from advertised market rates on automobile, health and life insurance policies.

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