Busting the Myths About Scholarships


While looking for money for school many servicemembers, veterans, and their families tend to overlook more than $300 million of military -- and veteran -- related scholarships and grants. These scholarships often go unclaimed due to the following three myths:

  1. Military education benefits eliminate the need for scholarships and grants.
    • False - The truth is that Tuition Assistance is limited to about $750 a class and usually only covers tuition and a limited amount of fees. This means that you have to pay for books, fees, and other items. There are hundreds of scholarships and grants specifically designed to supplement these education related costs, so you don't have to.
  2. Scholarships are too difficult to win and applying requires too much work.
    • It is true that some scholarships require a written essay. But, it is important to remember that scholarship and grant applications vary widely, and some require nothing more than a short application. Besides you should think of it this way: It may be the only essay you ever get paid to write.
  3. Scholarships are too difficult to find.
    • False - Many scholarships go unclaimed because students don't know where to look. Fortunately, there is a great online resource to help service members find the scholarship and learn how, where, and when to apply. Visit the Fastweb.com's Scholarship Finder today and get started on your way to finding free money for school.

Here are some quick tips to help your search:

  • Do your homework. Take advantage of the free online scholarship search at Fastweb's Scholarship Finder. The Scholarship Finder lists over 1,000 scholarships from a variety of sources.
  • Don't limit yourself. You qualify for non-military related scholarships too. Visit your local library to find scholarship directories that list awards based on age, state of residence, cultural background, and field of study.
  • Search in your military community. Many service aid organizations and associations, like the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society, offer scholarships, grants, and low interest loans to help cover education expenses. Click here to find out more about your Service Aid Organization's education assistance programs.
  • It's never too soon to start your scholarship search. Many scholarship application deadlines are as early as a year in advance.

Remember: Not applying for scholarships is like turning down free money. Get started on your search for scholarships today - visit the Fastweb.com Scholarship Finder.

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