Sound Off: SEALs Fly the Trump Flag


Shepherdsville, KY goat farmer Steve Thompson  was driving to the feed store near Louisville this past Sunday morning when he whipped out his cell phone to film (something not specifically prohibited in the state) a military convoy on the freeway. One of the vehicles was flying a Trump campaign flag.

Check out the video:


    Navy SEAL Convoy Flies POTUS Trump Flag


    Thompson was puzzled by the display. "I just thought it was just a bunch of military vehicles," he said to the Lexington Herald Leader. "I was surprised because I figured you wouldn't be able to fly anything on a Humvee other than an American flag."


    Lt. Jacqui Maxwell, Naval Special Warfare Group Two spokesperson, confirmed to Stars and Stripes that members of an East Coast Naval Special Warfare unit were driving the Fort Knox-based vehicles.


    The flag likely violates a Defense Department directive that bans service members from taking a political stand while on active duty. According to Stars and Stripes,  they can't display political signs or banners on a private vehicle and are prohibited from displaying a "partisan political sign, poster, banner or similar device" outside a residence on a military base.


    Back to Lt. Maxwell: "Department of Defense and Navy regulations prescribe flags and pennants that may be displayed as well as the manner of display. The flag shown in the video was unauthorized. A command inquiry into this matter has been initiated."


    Sounds like someone's in trouble with the brass. So far, there have been no comments or tweets from President Donald Trump on this question.


    What do you think? Should a political campaign banner be off limits even after the candidate takes office? How would you feel if a unit was flying one of President George W. Bush's campaign banners? Or one of President Barack Obama's? Sound Off!




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