‘Watching the Hawks’ With Ventura & Stone


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Jesse and Oliver aren’t actually hosting a show on RT America, the Kremlin-funded news network. It’s their sons, Tyrel Ventura and Sean Stone, who promise to “give viewers a fresh perspective no matter what their political leanings are – from war hawks to isolationists – and, more importantly, every voice in between.”

Tyrel and Sean first worked together on truTV’s Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura back in 2012 and lately they’ve been exploring conspiracy theories on a show called Buzzsaw on theLip.tv website. Fun fact: Sean converted to Shia Islam in 2012.

Will the show bring a fresh take on the upcoming appeal in former Navy SEAL Jesse’s lawsuit against the estate of American Sniper’s Chris Kyle? How will they approach Vietnam vet Oliver’s upcoming movie about Edward Snowden (https://undertheradar.military.com/2015/03/oliver-stone-drops-his-first-snowden-bomb/)? Will Vladimir Putin endorse their program?


Tabetha Wallace, who doesn’t seem to have a famous veteran in her family, will cohost Watching the Hawks. You can read RT America’s full press release here.

How can you watch this? RT is available streaming online, on the DISH satellite system and it’s on cable in DC, New York and Los Angeles. You can also add the RT channel to a Roku box.

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