Military Lodging: Marine Corps On Base Lodging

Roadrunner Inn Twentynine Palms, California
Roadrunner Inn at Twentynine Palms (Photo: Department of Defense Lodging)

Marine Corps Transient Billeting Quarters offer accommodations for a mobile military/civilian population while on TAD/TDY.
Authorized patrons include:

  • Personnel (military and civilian) traveling on official TAD/TDY orders
  • Personnel (military and civilian) traveling in a PCS status and their dependents
  • Personnel in a non-duty status (includes retirees, official guests of the command, etc.)

Reservations are accepted on an as-received basis for all authorized patrons. All others will be billeted on a Space Available basis. Check-in and out times may vary from site to site.For more information, visit the Marine Corps Transient Billeting Quarters website.

Marine Corps Temporary Lodging Facilities offer short-term housing accommodations for all authorized patrons including:

  • Military personnel and their families who are without housing due to permanent change of station orders.
  • Military members, Ready Reservist, and Department of Defense civilian personnel on TDY.
  • Military personnel, Retirees, Ready Reservist, Retired Reserves, and Department of Defense civilian personnel, their families, and guest of military personnel in non-duty status as well as other authorized patrons.

Reservations for accommodations are recommended as many Lodging Facilities are booked far in advance. Reservations are accepted for all authorized patrons on an as-received basis. Reservation policies vary. Reservations are held until 1600 - 1800 the date of arrival and may be held for late arrival when guaranteed with a credit card or one night's deposit. Reservations & room assignments are made without regard to rank or grade.

Inns of the Corps
Whether your travels are due to a permanent change of station move, temporary additional duty, or just getting away, you will find an inviting atmosphere and quality accommodations at Inns of the Corps.
There are 14 Inns of the Corps located in the US and Japan. Active duty members on orders have first priority for lodging, but members on leave and retirees can stay in them too. See their website for details.

Marines and their families may also be eligible for Navy Lodging facilities, see our Navy Lodging Facilities page for details.

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