4 Perfect Gifts for a MilSpouse on Mother's Day


Mother's Day is just around the corner (it's always the second Sunday in May), and once again you're left looking for Mother's Day gift ideas for the woman who does it all. Whether she birthed you or married you and gave you children, this is the woman you should be thanking every day. And nothing says “thank you” like an awesome gift.

There are three rules of gift giving on this holiday that must be strictly adhered to: It must be thoughtful. It must not be used for housework. And it must be awesome. If you want to stick to these three rules, pick one (or a combo!) of these MilSpouse Mother's Day gifts.

1. Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Anything from R.Riveter

A longtime fan favorite, R.Riveter was started by a pair of military spouses looking to create mobile-friendly work for their community. With more than a decade in business, their handbags, wallets, clutches and more are known for their durability and style. They also sell jewelry and accessories on a rotating basis. Shop at R.Riveter.

2. Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Gift cards

It’s tempting to feel like gift cards are a cop-out or lack of imagination, but there’s nothing quite like permission in the form of a gift card to go on a shopping trip or spa day. Call her favorite spa and buy a gift card that perfectly matches a splurge-filled menu of treatments, or send her for a visit to Lululemon, where she can also take advantage of their fantastic military discount.

3. Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Pick a subscription box.

Remember your own mother complaining that the only thing that ever reliably comes in the mail are bills and junk? That’s still true today. A thoughtful monthly or regular by-mail subscription box is a perfect fix for that problem. At least three companies – Brave Crate, MilSo Box and Military Made – offer boxes aimed at the military community. But also there’s a wide world of other, non-military options to choose from as well.

4. Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Hydration (Or Wine!)

Too simple or just smart? Reusable water bottles, tumblers and coffee mugs have never been more popular, and they make great gifts. Snag one for mom in her favorite color and style, and pair it with a few other items, depending on her preferences. Coffee cup? Chocolate and a coffee gift card are great companions. Wine tumbler? You know what to do. Look at Klean Kanteen and Hydro Flask for options.

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