Valentine's Day Care Package Ideas -- Go!

valentines day care package
Soldiers participate in a photoshoot while deployed to Afghanistan on Valentine's Day. (Briaira R. Tolbert/U.S. Army)

Update! You can now go to this new post to see a series of great Valentine's Day care package ideas! Happy packing!

Now that we’ve gotten that pesky holiday season out of the way, we can take a deep breath before the next major care package holiday of the year: Valentine's Day.

I’m not a big Valentine's Day fan under normal circumstances. Seems to me like a great big excuse from stores to trick me into buying candy I crave every day anyway really don’t need.

The only exception to this rule is during deployment or long TDYs over “the day.” In that case I get really into the whole thing. This will be our second Valentine's Day apart (wait, maybe third or fourth? Hmmm I’ve lost count). And while a care package won’t be doable this time because of the school he’ll be attending, you can bet your buttons that I’ll be mailing some sort of perfume laced letter to mark the occasion.

If I was putting together an actual box, I would include some art from our son, a collection of love letters from me, some of that delicious terrible for you candy, and maybe something on the more racy side that I really wouldn’t want anyone but him to see.

Like I’ve confessed before, creative care packages are not my strong point. What fun Valentine's Day themed boxes have you put together? Do we have some friends who have even done boudoir photoshoots and included those photos -- have any of you ever done that and how did it turn out?

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