The Adorable Deployment Baby Who Broke the Internet

Dallas Rose welcomes her father, Nick, home from deployment. (Photo: Facebook)
Dallas Rose welcomes her father, Nick, home from deployment. (Photo: Facebook)

Baby Dallas Rose has officially gone viral with her adorable bows, awesome onesies and the incredible signs that surely kept her and her mommy, Amanda Desme, occupied during dad Nick Desme's deployment with the Marine Corps.

According to Mom-Maid Crafts & Co.'s Facebook page, Amanda reached out to see whether the company would be willing to make a sign for Nick's homecoming. The company shared Amanda's deployment photo journey, and it's easy to see why the pictures went viral, with more than 87,000 shares on Facebook, especially with the backstory Mom-Maid posted:

"Amanda and her husband did IVF and found out they were pregnant! Around 32 weeks, he got deployed. Amanda had to go through birth without him and had to begin raising sweet baby Dallas while awaiting his homecoming.

"In the meantime, she would always send photos and video chat when they could, and she would always use a letter board for updates," the post continued. "So she thought, what better design for a sign than one designed to look like a letter board!

"Well, after about 7 months, 6 delayed homecoming dates and 1 sign damaged in transit - HE'S HOME and it was so perfect!! I am so thankful I got to make such an amazing project and was a part of such an unforgettable moment," according to Mom-Maid.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this journey is worth a million. Photography by Hello Honey Photography.

Amanda said in a Facebook message, "We are stationed in Jacksonville, NC and his deployment was six months. The signs started out as a way for me to be able to pass the time and have something to mark another moment down. I knew every time I did a sign, it was a moment closer to homecoming. Her birth, first bath, her first holiday, they were another day down. Then they became fun and I added in more of them ...They were an outlet for me I think, more than anything.

"They were fun and sweet but I knew at the same time they helped him, too. Homecoming was every feeling and emotion the past five months but tangible. It was like no time had passed at all, like he was just at work. We picked up right where we left off except now our love grew. Dallas wrapped her arms around him, laid her head down and it was over from there, he’s smitten."

Welcome home, sir, and way to go, Mama!

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