New Web Page Highlights Spouse Career Resources

(Department of Labor website)
(Department of Labor website)

A new web page from the Department of Labor offers military spouses another employment information resource.

The page, found on the website, mimics offerings from a variety of other sites, including the Defense Department's Military OneSource.

In addition to some helpful links to career resources such as the job search tool on Military OneSource, the page features two exceptionally helpful tools.

The first is a search bar that lets users to search for license requirements for professions any given state. For example, typing in "teacher" and then selecting "Hawaii" brings up details on the types of teaching licenses Hawaii requires, as well as the name of the state's teacher licensing agency.

That tool could be really helpful for spouses who are getting to move and need to know the license requirements for their new state.

But the function is even more helpful when paired with another tool just above it on the page -- an interactive map showing the special military spouse professional licensure rules for each state.

That map is very similar to one offered by the DoD. But when it comes to resources and information for military spouses, more is better.

Officials with the National Military Family Association (NMFA) said the new page was unveiled for military support organizations during a meeting at the White House.

Jennifer Korn, a Marine Corps spouse and assistant to President Donald Trump, said the website is "a continuation of the work done for the Executive Order signed in May 2018," according to NMFA.

That Executive Order is meant to encourage federal agencies to use a hiring authority created by President George Bush that allows military spouses to circumvent certain federal hiring rules when seeking some government jobs. The Order also requires agencies to report back on how they are using the rule and how many spouses they have hired.

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