Change Is Definitely Coming to 'SEAL Team' for Season 6

David Boreanaz Jason Hayes SEAL Team
David Boreanaz stars as Jason Hayes on "SEAL Team." (Photo: Ron Jaffe/CBS)

News continues to leak out concerning the now-filming season 6 of "SEAL Team," set to stream later this year or early 2023 on Paramount+. The end of the last season was a cliffhanger after the team was attacked on a mission in Mali, with uncertainty whether everyone survived the ambush.

Deadline has reported that a new SEAL character will join the series. Omar is a senior chief with 15 years' experience as a SEAL. He's the son of Syrian immigrants, which apparently gives him a deep understanding of the Middle East cultures and gives him an edge on missions to that region.

Omar is played by Raffi Barsoumian, best known for his role as Warrant Officer Rami Ahmadi on the CBS military legal drama "The Code," which aired for one season in 2019. He's also had roles on the CW series "The Vampire Diaries" and "DC's Legends of Tomorrow." He appeared on stage opposite Tom Hanks in "Henry IV" at the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles.

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The fate of SEAL Clay Spenser is up in the air after he took shrapnel in the eye during the cliffhanger episode at the end of season five. Spenser told Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) that he wanted to leave the team after the Mali mission, and now actor Max Thieriot is starring in a new CBS series called "Fire Country." The "SEAL Team" producers insist that Thieriot is returning for season 6, but they haven't said anything about whether that will be a brief goodbye or if Spenser will continue as a series regular.

Now, there's also a fan theory floating around that SEAL Trent Sawyer is also done with the team and won't be back. Sawyer is that rare military character who's played by an actual veteran, in this case former Army Ranger Tyler Grey.

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According to an article in the UK tabloid The Express, Grey has moved on from the show. Their source? A conversation between former Green Beret and Black Rifle Coffee CEO Evan Hafer and Army Special Forces veteran Mike Glover on the Cleared Hot podcast.

Glover tells Hafer that Grey is "not doing the Navy SEAL thing anymore" and eventually reveals that "The Terminal List" author and former Navy SEAL Jack Carr told Glover that Grey is now "doing something else."

The fact is that Trent Sawyer didn't appear in the back half of "SEAL Team" season five, but a close examination of Grey's Instagram account reveals that "SEAL Team" showrunner gave him a pass to film a role in "Kandahar," an upcoming military thriller from the team of actor Gerard Butler and director Ric Roman Waugh, who previously worked together on "Greenland" and "Angel Has Fallen."

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Is "Kandahar" the "something else" that Grey was doing? If so, will he slot back into "SEAL Team" in season 6, or has Grey moved on from the show? It's yet another cliffhanger to be resolved when the series finally returns to Paramount+.

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