This Is the Worst Smell in the World, and Veterans Saw It Coming

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It's official. Scientists have sniffed out the worst smell in the world, and veterans everywhere can say, "I told you so."

It's not the fine scent of combat boots after 15 months in Iraq. And it's not the whiff of sea bag after a workup. It's not even the putrid odor of the trash the movers accidentally packed when you moved from South Korea back to the States.

When compared with other terrible smells upon which cleaning products were tested, the worst smell ever was officially named "U.S. Government Standard Bathroom Malodor."


You already know exactly what it is. You can probably even taste it. And your spouse is knowingly exchanging a glance with your buddy's wife because she knows it too, without ever going to its source.

"Malodor" is a substance that replicates the stench of, yup, military field latrines.

It's science, and notable enough that The New York Times reported about it.

More than 20 years ago, scientist Pamela Dalton was working on developing the stink bomb -- yes, also a real thing -- for the Pentagon. And the base of the stink bomb was the above mentioned military field latrine-fueled standard stench.

What better to use in a stink bomb than the incredibly disgusting thing you already have on hand?

Your heart might be swelling with pride right now even as your stomach churns. Because, yes, in addition to fearlessly protecting freedom, you are also personally responsible for a smell so bad that science has been forced to acknowledge it.



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