10 Signs Your Would-Be Spouse Is a Financial Risk

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Typically, military spouses are responsible and can manage the family finances while their servicemembers are deployed. But, there are horror stories of some servicemembers who have returned home to learn that their spouses depleted their savings and racked up the credit card debt.


In order to avoid becoming a cautionary tale, it's important for all couples to inquire about their significant other's financial history before they marry. Before you tie the knot, it's important for you to pay attention to these tell-tale signs of a financial disaster, according two certified family law specialists -- Robert. J. Nachshin and Scott J. Weston.


1.)    When your soon-to-be spouse casually remarks that she has not always filed a yearly tax return.

2.)    When you sit down to dinner at her place and notice the stack of envelopes spread out on the table that say "final notice."

3.)    When she flips her wallet open and you notice four or more bank credit cards.

4.)    Her purchases exceed her monthly income.

5.)    When she asks if you will leverage your separate real estate property once you tie the knot to finance her upcoming business venture.

6.)    When she confides that she has a get-rich-quick scheme that will make you both millions in just a few weeks.

7.)    She's behind in her monthly bills.

8.)    When she says she believes in keeping separate checking accounts and suggests you pay some bills, she pays others.

9.)    She has a gambling problem.

    10.) She had something repossessed.



If these warning signs sound familiar, then it's time to re-evaluate your future spouse's commitment to a solid financial future with you.

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