2024 BAH Non-Locality Rates

Eielson Air Force Base housing. Senior Airman Yash Rojas/Air Force
Eielson Air Force Base housing. Senior Airman Yash Rojas/Air Force

There is a special type of Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) known as BAH Transit, BAH Type II, BAH Non-Locality, or BAH Reserve, depending on what branch you are in and your status. This BAH is paid when you are in a travel status from one permanent duty station to another. It is also paid to reservists and Guard members on active duty for less than 30 days.

Normally, your locality housing allowance ends on the date you check out of your old duty station and begins when you check into your next station. This BAH Type II will be paid to you while you are in transit between the two duty stations.

The amount does not vary by geographic location. BAH RC/Transient is set based on the national average for housing. BAH is published annually and is determined by increasing the previous year's table by the percentage growth of housing costs.

2024 Reserve Component and Transient BAH
Pay Grade Without Dependents With Dependents
O-10 $2,244.90 $2,762.40
O-9 $2,244.90 $2,762.40
O-8 $2,244.90 $2,762.40
O-7 $2,244.90 $2,762.40
O-6 $2,058.60 $2,486.40
O-5 $1,982.40 $2,396.70
O-4 $1,836.60 $2,112.30
O-3 $1,473.00 $1,747.80
O-2 $1,166.70 $1,491.30
O-1 $1,001.70 $1,335.00
O-3E $1,589.70 $1,878.30
O-2E $1,351.80 $1,695.30
O-1E $1,175.70 $1,566.90
W-5 $1,866.90 $2,040.00
W-4 $1,657.50 $1,870.20
W-3 $1,393.50 $1,714.20
W-2 $1,236.90 $1,575.00
W-1 $1,037.10 $1,363.50
E-9 $1,360.50 $1,794.60
E-8 $1,250.70 $1,655.10
E-7 $1,152.00 $1,535.70
E-6 $1,064.70 $1,419.30
E-5 $958.20 $1,277.40
E-4 $833.40 $1,110.00
E-3 $774.30 $1,032.00
E-2 $738.60 $983.70
E-1 $738.60 $983.70

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