The Appeals Process Checklist

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Are you submitting a VA appeal but are not sure what to do? Here are some hints to make it easier.

First, see our Step-by-Step guide to filing an appeal for detailed information on which type of appeal you should file, and the process for filing.

You normally must file an appeal within one year of VA's decision on your claim. If you are appealing an appeal decision you have one year from the appeal decision to file a second or subsequent appeal. 

A Veterans Service Organization or VA-accredited attorney or agent can help you with a decision review. Get help requesting a decision review.

When you file an appeal you must clearly state which VA decision you are appealing and the date of VA's decision. This will make the process go much smoother.

You can submit your appeal application either via mail or in person.

After you submit an appeal you don’t need to do anything while you’re waiting for a decision unless VA sends you a letter asking for more information. If VA schedules exams for you, be sure not to miss them. You can check the status of your appeal on eBenefits.

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