Top Six Lucrative Careers You Haven't Considered

Businesswoman wearing a headset.

When planning your transition, you could do worse than to determine which careers provide both stability and financial security. Below are the top six lucrative careers you probably haven't considered, as seen on Yahoo. Most of them require a good deal of planning and preparation, so making a choice early in your transition will work to your benefit. If you're apprehensive, remember that it's harder to gain momentum than it is to chance focus once you've started.

1. Management Consultant – Management consultants are professional critics: they take a look at a company's management style, and analyze what they can improve. Optimizing the chain of command is a critical, highly regarded duty. The job pays well, and provides individuals the opportunity to make a beneficial impact on various companies. Average Annual Salary: $78,600

2. Accountant – Accountants perform a vital, difficult task in the working world. Knowing how to manage the finances of a company and navigate current tax codes is not an easy task. This job may be tedious, but because few others are able and willing to do it, obtaining the right degrees and credentials can provide financial security and job stability. Average Annual Salary: $63,550


3. Registered Nurse – Becoming a registered nurse is a moderately difficult task, one which leads to a solid income and a fulfilling job. It's important to start off on the right foot when transitioning: earning a four year degree is just the start, and developing connections is an important component of obtaining an RN job. Average Annual Salary: $65,470

4. Fashion Designer – Fashion is a mercurial thing, but if you have the talent for it and the wherewithal, spending a few years trying to make it in the industry as a designer would not be time wasted. Although it might seem completely unapproachable, the reality is that the fashion world is varied, and designing utilitarian gear for an urban gentleman might be as profitable as designing the latest must-have item for young women. Average Annual Salary: $62,860

5. Web Developer – The internet is experiencing incredible growth, and web developers are high in demand. A professional looking website may mean the difference between success and failure for a burgeoning venture, so if you put in the hours and become a professional with observable skill, you'll be in good shape to hit the job market. Average Annual Salary: $62,500

6. Market Research Analyst – Understanding market trends is critical to the operations of any large company. If you're a professional market research analyst, companies will desire your expertise. There are a variety of degrees that can lead to this position, but all require a four-year degree. Average Annual Salary: $60,300

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