Five High-Paying Jobs for Veterans

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Transitioning out of the military comes with a host of difficulties, not the least of which is finding employment. Although veterans currently experience higher rates of unemployment than civilians, there are plenty of industries where veterans are flourishing. CNN recently collected five high-paying jobs where former service members are doing just that. These positions usually require about a decade or more of experience, but each one features a higher than average rate of veteran employment.

1. Chief Information Officer – Chief Information officers are in charge of a company's entire internet technology (IT) department. It requires a great deal of experience, but a foundation in communication, logistics, and technology can be built early in your career. Serving in the military naturally lends itself to providing the experience required for becoming a chief information officer, but focusing on technical jobs or those related to communications technology will help when you attempt the transition. Average Salary: $167,200

2. Capture Manager – Capture managers are in charge of managing company bids on new business opportunities, including government contracts. The military has few positions that directly relate to this type of work, but service members who spend roughly 20 years in the military will develop the necessary network and knowledge to perform well in this capacity. Almost anyone can learn how to be an effective salesman, but no one can teach hard-earned military experience, and that's the type of background required in certain industries. Average Salary: $164,100

3. Senior Program Manager – Senior program managers work in the upper levels of a company to oversee various projects. Veterans have a higher rate of taking these positions because their time in the military has made them management and project focused. Whether it's a company of troops or a specific program in the day, most service members exercise some degree of responsibility over groups small and large. Average Salary: $137,900

4. Vice President, Technology – Service members tend to be exposed to a lot of high-quality technology in the military. Yes, a lot of gear is old or breaking down, but those items are always mixed in with the bleeding edge of tech. Vice presidents of technology in the civilian world need to have their thumbs on the technological needs of their companies as well as strong leadership skills. Average Salary: $134,200

5. Chief Information Security Officer – It hasn't taken long for private industry to adopt and lean on information technology. It's an integral part of successful operations, but it's also vulnerable to attack. Chief information security officers keep up with new trends in cyber security, and work to maintain the integrity of a company's information. Average Salary: $133,700

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