How Career Mentorship Can Help Veterans Succeed

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(Screenshot courtesy of Veterati)'s Liz McLean sat down with Evan Guzman, Veterati evangelist and development director, to discuss how they are making a difference through mentorship.

Liz McLean: What is Veterati?

Evan Guzman: "Veterati is a first-of-its-kind digital mentorship platform built by veterans and a military spouse specifically for transitioning service members, veterans and military spouses. This platform allows our target audience to network and connect with multiple business professionals who volunteer their time to provide feedback, guidance and advice through live conversations.

"This past year, Veterati helped thousands of service members and military spouses receive career guidance, job preparedness, job leads and land real jobs."

Liz McLean: Why did you choose Veterati?

Evan Guzman: "While I have had success in leading a national veteran hiring program, I was limited to helping veterans in that one company. With Veterati, I can help veterans on a mass scale to better prepare them for the civilian workforce.

"Veterati is leveling the playing field for all U.S. service members and military spouses in a competitive jobs market by allowing the military community, civilians and other veterans to share their experience, expertise and network with people working in various industries. Remember, 80% of jobs are not posted online. They are found through your peer networks, referrals, word of mouth and mentors."

Liz McLean: Why would's users -- both transitioning members and employers -- support Veterati?

Evan Guzman: "One of the biggest challenges our U.S. service members and military spouses face when preparing to enter the civilian jobs market is hearing back from companies or finding the answers to common job-related questions. The No. 1 resource that our transitioning service members, veterans and military spouses have is other people. Us. You.

"If you are a business professional, educator, or business owner and believe in supporting our military community in ways that truly matter, Veterati offers you an opportunity to say more than, 'Thank you for your service.'

"Mentors and mentees sign in at using a LinkedIn account. Mentors fill out a few basic questions and set up their schedule to book unlimited one-hour calls with mentees. The average mentor books five mentee sessions and can spread the dates apart as they see fit. Mentors can do one call per week, every two weeks or even just once a month. It is really up to the mentor.

"Mentees can also select an unlimited amount of mentors to book, too. Mentees look for the appropriate mentors by industry, expertise or by companies. Veterati uses sophisticated algorithms to connect the right mentor and mentee. Once the mentors book their time slots and mentees select their mentors, both parties will receive a text message to confirm and receive a reminder 24 hours before your first call.

"When the time comes for your conversation to begin, Veterati calls the mentor and mentees at the numbers previously provided. You don't have to dial your own phone, and neither party will need to disclose their personal and private contact information. Once the conversation is over, all Veterati asks in return is for both parties to complete a short survey on your thoughts and experience."

Liz McLean: What are your hopes for the future with Veterati?

Evan Guzman: "Our goal is to make it more effective and easier for those leaving the military and entering the civilian workforce to accelerate their efforts to succeed. The hardest part is getting started, but it becomes much easier once you know the best way to start. Our hope is that Veterati will be the preferred resource for those leaving the military each year. Starting off right will make all the difference in finding the right job and keeping it."

Liz McLean: Anything else you would like us to know?

Evan Guzman: "I would like to encourage all who are reading this to sign up as [a] mentee or mentor and at least try the Veterati platform once. Even one mentee/mentorship session can make all the difference in the world for that one transitioning service member, veteran, military spouse and mentor."

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