Job Seekers: Try These Powerful Interview Mantras


Prior to a job interview, several things have likely taken place: You found a job opening that suits your background, you applied for the position (either by email, online or in person), and you have been screened and deemed worthy for an interview.

You have researched the company, listed your interview questions, prepared your responses to anticipated questions and arranged your wardrobe for the meeting. You looked up the location of the meeting, arranged transportation and are ready for the interview.

What Is a Mantra?

A mantra is a ritualistic phrase you repeat in prayer or meditation to orient your thinking. I'm using the term loosely here, to provide you with a "slogan" or "motto" for pre- and post-interview preparation. Before you head into the interview, focusing on positive self-talk and affirmation will orient you to be your most focused, relevant and confident. In your mantra, choose our words that are positive (avoid negatives of any kind), achievable and reassuring.

Consider repeating these mantras to yourself before and after the interview:

Before You Leave Home

  • Today does not define me.
  • I am the sum of my choices, commitments and values.
  • My time in the military prepared me for the unknown, and today is unfamiliar.
  • I have the skills, character and confidence to move through the interview in a thoughtful and focused way.
  • I will bring the best version of myself, doing my best to be responsive, professional and approachable.
  • I will make good eye contact, sit comfortably in the chair and relax my breathing.
  • Today is one conversation in my career. If the conversation leads to another conversation or to a job, then that is what was meant to happen.

Before You Walk into the Interview

  • I've got this. I'm ready.
  • I did my research, prepared to my best ability and am excited to meet new people.
  • I am in charge of how I communicate my value, goals and offer to their team.
  • I will communicate professionalism, respect and friendliness.
  • I will be the best version of myself in this conversation.

As You Leave the Interview

  • I did my best. I gave my all.
  • There is nothing I could have said or did that would more authentically represent
  • who I am and what I can offer them.
  • If I am not their selected choice, then it was meant to be this way.
  • I believe I am valuable and worthy, and a meaningful opportunity is coming to me soon.
  • My job is to accurately and authentically represent myself and communicate the many ways I can be of service to the company lucky enough to hire me.
  • I am worthy of this.

Mantras Work

Sounds corny? Try it. So often we repeat negative words to ourselves, expecting someone will find us valuable when we don't believe we are worthy of value or appreciation. Changing the narrative and telling yourself you are valuable can shift your confidence, body language and the way you are perceived by others.

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