7 Companies Hiring Seasonal Employees

Retail stock work.

A seasonal job could be a perfect fit for any military veteran or spouse in need of a little extra cash, either to prepare for the holidays, to gain some work experience or to begin climbing their way to the top of a company.

Consumer spending ramps up in the last few months of the year, and that means retail outlets, distributors and other companies need to beef up their workforce. Even before the United States experienced a labor shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers, wholesalers, restaurants and everything in between hired new, short-term employees to help serve the surge of consumers headed to stores.

Best of all, seasonal jobs can provide the work experience and connections necessary to get a permanent job with a seasonal employer or elsewhere. Many companies retain their best seasonal workers if they have open positions at the end of the holidays. If that doesn't happen, you'll at the very least walk away with several months of work experience and a reference for future positions.


In the wake of the pandemic, the internet sales giant created some 400,000 jobs at its warehouses and even trained veterans to start their own transportation companies to help get its trademark smile boxes onto porches everywhere. With the holidays coming around, Amazon looks to hire short-term help in its warehouses for a starting wage of $15 per hour and up to $3,000 as a sign-on bonus.

Check out Amazon’s application page here.


Even if they aren’t delivering Amazon packages, FedEx is still one of the biggest names in shipping, and it also needs help getting packages to porches. If a warehouse isn’t the place for you, FedEx also is looking for seasonal employees to work as drivers and in administrative positions.

To apply, visit the FedEx hiring website.


Target needs thousands of seasonal employees to fill positions in stocking, general merchandise, distribution centers, and more. The best part of seasonal employment at Target is not just its $15 per hour starting wage, but its perks. These are things like flexible scheduling, Target store discounts and free virtual doctor’s visits through the end of the year.

Go to Target’s website to apply.


Macy's will be adding roughly seasonal positions to its workforce to cope with the holidays but also is looking for long-term part-timers. Aside from extra support at registers on the sales floor, Macy’s also tends to hire extra people for stock work to handle the upswing in product being shipped in.

Take the first step toward a seasonal job by applying at MacysJobs.com.


The retailer is opening up thousands of jobs for the holidays, Kohl's offers many of the usual positions for retail, including store greeters. Some stores, Kohl's included, hire individuals just to stand at the entrances and say hi to people as they walk in. It sounds like an easy job, but it requires you to interact with people on a consistent basis and stand in one place for hours. It even can help lighten the holiday price tag with a 15% discount.

Check out open positions here.

U.S. Postal Service

If working in retail isn’t your thing and you think you might want to get a toehold on one of the federal government’s best jobs, visit the Postal Service’s career website to see whether you could be one of the thousands of seasonal (and potentially long-term) employees the USPS will take on this year.


The floral delivery service is looking to hire some 10,000 seasonal employees, just in time to get ready for the holidays, birthdays and any other occasion that needs a little beautification. The company has on-site jobs in Illinois, Ohio and Oregon but also has remote positions available.

Check out those opportunities at the 1-800-Flowers careers page.

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