3 Reasons Why Vets Should Consider a Career at AAFES


When service members swear an oath to serve their country, it doesn't end after they take their uniforms off. Veterans often seek opportunities where they can utilize their military training and continue their service in other ways.

The Army & Air Force Exchange might just be the answer. AAFES has committed to hiring 50,000 veterans and military spouses by 2020 to serve warfighters downrange in a variety of positions.

Here are some reasons why a job with AAFES might be right for you.

1. Better Benefits, No MREs

Veterans with active security clearances are highly sought after by OPSEC/PERSEC companies, with salaries that begin at $45,000 depending on level of experience, specialty training and security clearance level.

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Comparatively, AAFES salaries begin at $33,000 but include deployment bonuses, danger and imminent danger pay (applicable at specific locations), free housing and meals (which beats sleeping on the ground and eating a steady diet of Meals, Ready to Eat).

2. Only Downrange Exchange Career Option

According to the AAFES, it is the only exchange that's offering positions in active areas overseas. This gives veterans an opportunity to continue their legacy of servant leadership for airmen and soldiers putting their lives on the line every day.

Positions often become available in the 41 direct-run stores on 32 installations in eight Middle East countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, as well as on installations in Europe, such as Bosnia, Kosovo, Romania, Poland and Bulgaria.

3. No Translation Necessary

Often, there is a significant skills gap between military occupational specialties (MOS) and civilian jobs. Even with MOS translators, many companies lack the experience to properly translate military experience and don't understand the culture of values that service men and women seek in a career.

AAFES was built around the military values of service and community and no career translation is necessary.

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