Reimbursement for Pet Quarantine Costs


While the military does a really admirable job of providing a wide variety of reimbursements and allowances for Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves, there are some things that aren't covered.  Generally speaking, the costs associated with moving family pets are not reimbursed by the military, but there's a big exception:  the military may reimburse a portion of mandatory pet quarantine costs that are incurred in conjunction with a PCS move.

Many people don't know about the pet quarantine allowance. If you know a pet-owning family moving to a country with quarantine rules, be sure to share this information. You may save them a bunch of money!

What Kind Of Pets Are Covered?

Sorry to those of you who love more unusual animals.  The Department of Defense reimbursement for pet quarantine fees only apply to domestic dogs and cats.

When Did This Start?

The military started reimbursing for quarantine fees for pets that were in, or entered into, quarantine on or after Dec. 28, 2001.


How Much Will It Cover?

The reimbursement amount is capped at $550 per PCS move.  Again, this is only for costs incurred in conjunction with a PCS move.


More information can be found at the Defense Travel's Pet Quarantine Fee Reimbursement Frequently Asked Questions page, or in the Joint Travel Regulations, paragraph 5426.

There are many locations that require quarantinbenefite of pets coming to the area, and it can be quite expensive.  Add that to the costs of actually transporting your pet, and sometimes the fees are prohibitive.  Thankfully, this reimbursement can pay for some or all of the quarantine costs, making it a little more affordable to bring Fido or Fluffy to your new duty station.

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