Make Curb Appeal a Major Part of Your Home Sale Prep

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Putting your home on the market is a big decision with many factors to consider. Whether you list your home as a For Sale By Owner or use guidance from a real estate agent, details about financial negotiations and relocation options are significant questions to answer. Regardless, in order to sell your home for the best price, it has to be in the best condition possible, starting with the exterior curb appeal.

If the house isn’t attractive and clean, potential buyers will drive right on by and scratch your address off their list of homes to view.

Achieving the maximum curb appeal doesn’t have to be very expensive, but it will take days, if not weeks, to prepare the property for its selling debut. Expect a lot of manual labor and basic cleaning of every inch of the outside of house, yard, and porch. Here’s a helpful breakdown of tasks to get you started.

The Yard

  • A short, but healthy grass length, maintained diligently.
  • Trim overgrown trees and shrubs.
  • Clean and weed flowerbeds. Plant impactful bushes or flowers according to season. All beds need a fresh layer of mulch which complements the overall colors of the house.
  • Paint or stain and repair any fence work. Adding short lengths of decorative fencing adds appeal.
  • Clear toys and other eyesore items like gardening tools, auto maintenance supplies, and trash cans.
  • Any signs of an outdoor pet kennel should be removed.

The House

  • Power washing is a must for dirt and mildew removal.
  • Windows and their trim have to shine.
  • Repaint any area of the exterior that has worn.
  • Fix repairs on the outside of the house, such as siding and gutters.
  • Roofs show their age if covered with lichens and other growth.
  • Don’t give buyers clues to your home’s deficiencies. A window air conditioning unit means the central system is lacking. Plastic sheeting covering the windows announces the windows are old and drafty.

The Front Door and Porch

  • The front sidewalk and path leading to the house benefits from power washing.
  • Sweeping and removing any debris or webs from the entrance is a must. At minimum, clean the mailbox, but an upgrade is an affordable purchase. The same is true for a doorbell or knocker.
  • It might be necessary to hand wash trim near and around doors because of its high visibility.
  • The power of a gorgeous front door can’t be underestimated. Seriously consider an entire new door system. If this isn’t possible, remove the panel from the hinges and carefully paint it an inviting color. Protect door hardware from paint.
  • Update light fixtures for a modern effect. If the lighting is up to date, then remove any bugs and clean the glass for extra sparkle.
  • Stage the porch with seating groups, an outdoor rug, potted plants, and a new welcome mat.

There’s a lot to do, no doubt. Depending on your schedule, it might be time and cost efficient to hire crews to finish in days what would take you a month of weekends.

Today, buyers expect a move-in-ready home and will pay asking price and more to avoid immediate clean-up and simple renovations both in and outside of the home. Effective home sale prep is not complete until the curb appeal has been immaculately accomplished.

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