Simple Updates for Your Rental’s Bathroom and Kitchen

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Updated kitchens and bathrooms are on the top of most buyers’ and renters’ wish lists. Intense everyday use increases the wear and tear quickly, while technology and décor trends move at light speed, outdating these essential rooms in a hurry. As a renter, it can seem hopeless to find a home with envy-worthy finishes in the kitchen and bathroom.

Renters, don’t fret: There are ways to get the look of a new bathroom and kitchen. Read on for steals and splurges that allow renters the feel of having their own, customized home.

It should go without saying, but we’ll reiterate here, always seek permission from your landlord regarding any changes that will remain permanent or cannot revert to its original state. Having an honest conversation with the owner might open the possibility of additional alterations in the future.

To help persuade him to see it your way, read over 3 Ways to Convince Your Landlord to Let You Upgrade.

Easy Bathroom Updates

First and foremost—replace the toilet seat. They’re inexpensive, and easy to find and install. The feel of clean is well worth the $20 spent. If the caulking looks a little ragged on the sink, it too is simple to remove and replace on the cheap.

Don’t ignore precious storage and decorating space above the tank. Standup shelving avoids holes in the walls from mounted types.

It’s probably time for new bathroom linens. Even if it isn’t, adding colors to complement the existing paint will make the room look cohesive. Towels, shower curtains, and window treatments make big statements in a small room.

Dress the space to impress. Details are the reasons we love bathroom makeovers. Accessories like a vase of flowers and a framed mirror take a basic bathroom from boring to sumptuous.

Play with the ceiling color. Ever wanted to try soft blue or a kitten-fur-grey on the ceiling? It could work in the right circumstances. A bathroom ceiling redo to plain white is easy to tackle before move-out day.

Tips to Give Your Kitchen a Custom Look

Most people don’t think to put a room size rug in the kitchen. But they provide visual interest and warmth in a sometimes sterile environment. The spring and summer are great times to shop for quality indoor/outdoor rugs. The highly durable materials make for easy clean up, and long gone are the days of ugly patterns and textures. Fashionable colors and neutral weaves inject style into a kitchen.

Sherwin-Williams has developed an “easy change” wallpaper. They say, “It removes simply by pulling off the wall - no special tools or solvents needed.” The colors and patterns are modern, the upkeep is simple, and it would make a big design impact in a kitchen setting.

Old and outdated appliances get facelifts in a couple of ways. Specially designed spray paints mimic stainless steel and other colors suited for stoves and refrigerators. Military home decorating enthusiasts have taken removable contact paper and turned it into a decorative art on the cheap! Pinterest and other DIY tutorials will introduce you to the world of covering unsightly surfaces such as backsplashes with design forward patterns and colors.

The square footage of a kitchen makes wall paint a doable weekend chore. With the owner’s blessing, a new coat will do the room wonders. Going a step further, painting the cabinets coordinating, but not matching colors is very on trend today.

Invest in new cabinet pulls or knobs for an updated look. Scouring thrift shops is economical, and suppling your own can of brushed nickel paint makes the improvement even more affordable. If you truly love them, they’re easily packed for the next house. If the look was temporary, a garage sale will fix the problem for you.

Should you start the customization in the bathroom or kitchen? Pick the one that bothers you most and go from there. You’ll find a small improvement will get the ball rolling, improve your DIY confidence, and set in motion bigger and better upgrades.

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