After Hurricane Florence: Status of VA & Other Federal Assistance


If you are in the area affected by Hurricane Florence you may be wondering just what is the status of VA facilities in your area.

According to the VA, all hospitals in the area are open, although several outpatient clinics are closed, especially those in coastal areas. Their reopening dates remain TBD.

The VA says it is also readying mobile units including a Mobile Pharmacy Unit, a Mobile Vet Center, and a Mobile Emergency Nutrition which will deploy to Richmond, VA and Salisbury, NC shortly. 

Telephone Hotline Assistance 

The VA has also opened several hotlines that will assist veterans in the area get information and assistance. The hotlines are:

Veteran Disaster Hotline: 800-507-4571

Veterans Benefits Hotline: 800-827-1000

Pharmacy Hotline: 866-400-1243

Vet Center/Counseling Hotline: 877-WAR-VETS

Internet Assistance

My HealtheVet is always available and can give you access to copies of your VA health records, let you contact your health care team, and refill prescriptions. For emergencies, always call 911.

To see the up-to-date status on your local VA medical facility, check out the websites below:

North Carolina

South Carolina


For information on your VA Benefits if you are in the affected areas, you can check out your state office:

Other Federal Assistance

For more info on what the federal government is doing visit

You can also visit to find assistance in your area.

Stay On Top Of Your Benefits

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