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M240 with BattleComp: Reviewer reports substantial reduced recoil and more rounds (quickly) on target with BC than without.

A couple days ago I wrote about the BattleComp and mentioned they'd tried it out (successfully) on an M240. This is a video from that shoot, which resulted in the following comment from the shooter: "M240 with a Battle Comp Enterprises BABC. Reduced felt recoil for the gunner and reduced time to get back on target, as well as an improvement in the cone of fire. Felt improvement in control....all on 7.62 belt-fed machine gun..."




The reviewer, Matt, is a friend of mine. He may look like someone shaved ursus americanus and put it behind the wheel of a big damn pickup, but he has an extraordinary background in firearms evaluation and instruction. Even if I hadn't run a BC on the range myself I'd be inclined to take his input as gun gospel. (I'm hoping to get him on here doing some guest writing, but we'll see.)

Again, the videos speak for themselves.




From the manufacturer, regarding the sound level: "The bullet cracks the sound barrier. Depending on who reports it, it is about +/- 1 to 5 decibels depending on the position of the person hearing it. If sound is a concern, we highly recommend a suppressor adapter like the BC2.0 or the AAC 51T Modification Service..."

Regarding legalities in different states: "Need to know for certain if the BattleComp is a legal compensator in your state? Please contact the State DOJ. Don’t be surprised if they tell you to go ahead; yet not provide a letter. We would encourage you to take the agent’s name, and the date and time of your call. If you prefer, write a letter. Perhaps you will receive a written response. At no time; however, should you trust the legal “opinion” of someone unlicensed to practice law. The buyer needs to make the most informed decision — and that is best found at the DOJ — not someone from the Internet. We haven’t been turned down even once, in any state." Again, Check 'em out.

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