UH-1Y Venom

UH-1Y Venom

Manufacturer: Bell Helicopter

Service: USMC Armament: M240 7.62 machine gun; GAU-17A cannon; Hydra 70 rockets Speed: 170 knots Range: 129 nm Propulsion: 2x GE T-700-GE-401C turboshaft engines Crew: Pilot, copilot, crew chief, gunner plus 8 combat-equipped troops

One of the newest Marine Corps aircraft, the UH-1Y Venom is set to replace the UH-1N Huey in the Marine Corps aviation fleet.

The UH-1Y utility helicopter provides command & control and assault support under day/night and adverse weather conditions.

The UH-1Y is the most significant upgrade ever made to the venerable and battle-proven H-1 helicopter. At the heart of the upgrade is a new four-bladed, all-composite and ballistically tolerant (up to 23 mm) rotor system.

Upgraded engines and transmissions, integrated digital cockpit featuring multifunction flat panels, increased payload capabilities, crash-worthy seating for all crew and passengers, and 85 percent identical parts with the AH-1Z Super Cobra (also part of the H-1 Upgrade Program) also provide increased load carrying ability, greater range and survivability, smaller logistical footprint and easier maintenance for the Marine Corps.

When outfitted with door-mounted .50 caliber and 7.62 machine guns and teamed alongside AH-1s, Marine UH-1s arm MAGTF commanders with unprecedented response, situational awareness and a 360-degree field of fire support for advancing ground forces. Currently, all Marine UH-1N Hueys are being replaced with four-bladed UH-1Y Venoms featuring upgraded glass cockpit avionics, a new satellite data link network, a 125% boost in payload and 50% increase in range and speed.

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