Individual First Aid Kit - IFAK

  • Individual First Aid Kit
Individual First Aid Kit

The Individual First Aid Kit increases individual warfighter capabilities to provide Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid and provides interventions for two leading causes of death on the battlefield, severe hemorrhage and inadequate airway. These capabilities increase soldier survivability during dispersed operations and the expandable pouch allows for METT-C specific “add-ins.”

The IFAK was issued to every deploying Soldier via the Rapid Fielding Initiative. Weighing one pound, the IFAK consists of the following expendable medical items packaged inside of a modified MOLLE 100 round SAW ammo pouch.

1 Utility Pouch
1 Tourniquet
1 Elastic bandage kit
1 Bandage GA4-1/2” 100’s
1 Surgical adhesive tape
1 Nasopharyngeal airway kit
4 Surgical gloves
1 Combat gauze dressing

So far more than 900,000 IFAKs have been fielded to U.S. troops.

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