As Soldiers Begin to Purchase New Army Greens, Program Offers Double Credit for Uniforms

The Military Star card has raised the credit limit on its Military Clothing Plan.
For the first time in four decades, the Military Star credit card program -- administered by the Army & Air Force Exchange Service -- is raising the credit limit on its Military Clothing Plan. Courtesy photo

The Military Star card program is doubling the credit limit on its zero-interest Military Clothing Plan from $500 to $1,000 and extending the payment period from eight months to 12, according to a news release from the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES).

It's the first time the limit has been raised since 1979. The Military Clothing Plan offers a zero-interest line of credit for active-duty soldiers, airmen and Marines, as well as Guard and Reserve members, to purchase uniforms. Sailors and Coast Guard members can get a promotional zero-interest plan under the card's standard retail credit line.

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"Raising the Military Clothing Plan's credit limit strengthens the Military Star card's ability to help service members responsibly build credit while giving them greater flexibility to pay for their required uniforms," Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Kevin Osby, AAFES' senior enlisted adviser, said in a statement.

The move will help soldiers purchase the new Army Green Service Uniform, which is scheduled to be available in most stateside Army Military Clothing stores by December and at overseas locations by March 2021, the release states.

Approximately 474,000 soldiers, airmen and Marines worldwide are eligible for the line of credit, it adds. Uniform purchases through the Military Clothing Plan include:

  • Defense Logistics and Troop Support (DLAT)-procured issue military clothing items and footwear.
  • DLAT organizational clothing and individual equipment items.
  • The Army Green Service Uniform, which is procured directly by the exchange
  • Exchange commercial uniform clothing, undergarments, insignia and footwear to be worn with the uniform.

The Military Star card can be used at all military exchanges and commissaries. Visit for more information.

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