Starting Dec. 1, You May Not Be Able to Access Your TSP Account Online

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Starting Dec. 1, you may no longer be able to access your Thrift Savings Account (TSP) online.

According to the TSP, all plan participants must have an added security feature known as "two-step authorization" enabled by this December or they may not be able to access their account. And no, two-step authorization has nothing to do with boot-scooting your way across a barroom floor to country music.

If you don't have the added security enabled, you will be prevented from accessing your account online without first contacting the good folks at the TSP via either telephone or mail.

Enabling two-step authorization is easy and can be accomplished in a couple of minutes.

TSP has sent out a document with instructions on how to add two-step authorization, and you should be able to accomplish it easily. Once it's set up, you are good to go for future access.

Two-step authentication helps protect your account against fraud. Once signed up for it, you will get an email or text to your validated contact method containing a six-digit number every time you (or anyone else) tries to access your online account. After completing the first login screen like you've done in the past, a new page will open on your screen, requiring you to enter the number you received. You will not be logged in until you do this.

This login process is more secure because it means that online access to your account requires something you know (your account number or username and password) and something you have (the one-time code you receive by email or text). Someone who tries to log into your account fraudulently won't be able to gain access without the code.

Save yourself some hassle and update your account now. I managed to update mine in less time than it took you to read this story.

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