Medical Care for Veterans Outside The U.S.

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If you're a veteran living or traveling outside the country how can you get VA healthcare?

Generally, as long as the medical treatment is necessary for the treatment of a VA-rated, service-connected disability and it is a medical treatment or drug that is authorized in the U.S., the VA will pay for it.

Pre-registration is not necessary. However, veterans who are permanently relocating to a country are encouraged to notify the VA upon establishing a permanent foreign mailing address. At that time, arrangements will be made for registration and the mailing of detailed program material which provides detailed information on benefit coverage and limitations, how to select health care providers and claim filing instructions.

Veterans receiving health care services in the Philippines should register with the VA office in Pasay City. Veterans calling from within the Philippines may contact the VA office in Pasay City at 1-800-1888-8387. If calling from outside of the Philippines, the number is 011-632-318-8387.

Veterans may also register by email at All other veterans living or planning to travel outside the U.S. should register with the Foreign Medical Program at:

Foreign Medical Program
PO Box 469061
Denver, CO 80246-9061

or via telephone at 303-331-7590.

For information visit:

Some veterans traveling or living overseas can call the VA toll free from these countries. These numbers are available from 0800 - 1845 Eastern Time:

  • Canada 877-345-8179;
  • Germany 0800-1800-011;
  • Australia 1-800-354-965;
  • Italy 800-782-655;
  • United Kingdom 0800-032-7425;
  • Mexico 001-877-345-8179;
  • Japan 00531-13-0871;
  • Costa Rica 0800-013-0759;
  • Spain 900-981-776.

(Note:Veterans in Mexico or Costa Rica must first dial the United States country code.)

VA is not authorized to ship medications or medical/surgical supply items outside of the U.S. or its Territories. For veterans registered with the Foreign Medical Program, prescription reimbursement is approved only for FDA approved medications.

If you are in the U.S. and plan to travel abroad, you can notify the VA who can opt to fill prescriptions early to ensure you have enough medications for your trip. This may be done on a limited basis and requires advance notice.

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