Tricare Select


In general, Tricare Select has higher out-of-pocket costs than Tricare Prime. With Tricare Select, active-duty family members don’t pay an annual enrollment fee. Retirees, their families, and others may have enrollment fees based on when the sponsor joined the military.

Who Is Covered By Tricare Select?

Everyone eligible for Tricare with the exception of active-duty members may enroll in the Tricare Select plan. The program is available worldwide.

Tricare Select Basics

With Tricare Select you can get care from any Tricare-authorized provider, network or non-network. No referrals are required, but some care may require prior authorization.

If you see a network provider you won't have to pay anything except your copay or file any claims. If you visit a non-network provider you may have to pay the full cost and file a claim with Tricare to be reimbursed.

How To Enroll

For information on how to enroll see the Tricare website

Visit our Tricare Select coverage page for more information including coverage and costs.

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