Tricare Dental Plan Overview

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There are probably a lot of things you'd rather do than go to the dentist. But when you need dental care it is good to have it available to you and your family. Preventative dental care also helps you avoid those dental emergencies. Tricare offers three different affordable dental plans, each with its own dental contractor. All of these dental programs cover personnel both in the continental United States (CONUS) and those residing overseas (OCONUS). The plans cover active duty personnel, their families, and retirees. 

Tricare Active Duty Dental Program

The Active Duty Dental Program covers civilian dental care for:

  • Active duty service members
  • Guard/Reserve members who are:
    • On active duty orders
    • Issued delayed-effective-date orders (during pre-activation period)
    • Covered by the Transitional Assistance Management Program
  • Service members who need line of duty care
  • Wounded warriors

United Concordia is the Active Duty Dental Program contractor. 

See our Tricare Active Duty Dental Program page for more information.

Tricare Dental Program

The Tricare Dental Program is a voluntary dental insurance plan for:

  • Family member of an active duty service member
  • Family member of a National Guard/Reserve member
  • National Guard/Reserve Member who isn’t on active duty or covered by the Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP)

United Concordia is the Tricare Dental Program contractor. 

See our Tricare Dental Program page for more information.

Retiree Dental

The Tricare Retiree Dental Program was replaced with the Office of Personnel Management’s Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP).

FEDVIP is a voluntary dental insurance plan for:

  • Retired service members
  • Family members of a retired service member
  • Retired Guard/Reserve members
  • Family members of retired Guard/Reserve member
  • Medal of Honor recipients
  • Family members of Medal of Honor recipients
  • Survivors

as well as active and retired civilian government employees and their families.

FEDVIP is the Tricare Retiree Dental Program contractor. 

See our Tricare Retiree Dental Program page for more information.

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