CRDP and CRSC Open Season Is in January

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Military retirees who are eligible for both Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay (CRDP) and Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) can choose which entitlement they prefer to receive during open season, Jan. 1-31, 2024.

If you are eligible to participate in the open season, you should have received a letter detailing the benefits of each entitlement by mail. Along with the letter, an Open Season Election Form allows you to choose the type of payment you wish to receive. Federal law prohibits receiving both CRDP and CRSC.

You might base your decision on the difference in monetary value or on the effect each entitlement will have on your taxable income. You can read frequently asked questions about the CRSC and CRDP programs to learn more. In addition, you can view a chart that explains the differences between CRDP and CRSC.

When you review the comparison table, you'll notice several differences between CRDP and CRSC. Before making your decision, you may want to consider how these differences affect you. For instance:

  • CRDP is subject to federal taxes; CRSC is not.
  • CRDP is subject to division with a former spouse; CRSC is not.
  • SBP premiums can be deducted from CRDP, but not CRSC.

If you have questions about how your election will affect your taxes, you should contact your financial adviser or a tax professional.

If you feel the information reflected on your form is incorrect, you may contact the Defense Finance and Accounting Service Customer Care Center at 800-321-1080 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday. Because Monday is the busiest day, we recommend calling Tuesday through Friday for quicker service.

Forms should be submitted only if you are making a change. If you wish to keep receiving your current benefit, you don't need to respond.

Responses must be postmarked by Jan. 31, 2024. If postmarked after this date, the form will not be processed, and the current payments will continue.

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